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Modernise your old lift

Welcome to Melbourne Elevators Modernisations

Renovate and refurbish your existing lift

Melbourne Elevator Modernisations is a Melbourne based Company that has its focus on upgrading/refurbishing existing elevators in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Melbourne Elevator Modernisations utilises a strong elevator design and manufacturing background coupled with significant elevator industry experience and expertise to enable it to offer a unique and site specific solution for your application.

Melbourne Elevator Modernisations specialises in using non-proprietary equipment. This enables our customers the freedom of being able to select a service provider of their choice after the upgrade is complete.

We believe that if the customer is satisfied with our work they will not need to go elsewhere for service and therefore do not look to technology to restrict our customers choice in service provider. However, if a customer should wish to use another lift Company for service then the products we install will allow them to do so.


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At Melbourne Elevator Modernisations we believe in achieving the following outcomes on every project:

1. Maintaining a safe work environment
2. On time completion
3. On Budget completion
4. Meet or exceed the specification

We achieve our outcomes by ensuring sufficient time is invested in a project prior to starting work on site. This investment in time enables us to reduce the programming risk associated with modernisation work upfront and allows us time to identify and plan how to overcome any obstacles that may prevent us from achieving our outcomes on time.

Melbourne Elevator Modernisations

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