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Elevator System Upgrades

LiSA lift controllers by Scheider

We use LiSA Controllers for lifts up to 40 floors and 4.5 meters per second, in a bank of eight lifts. These controllers are manufactured in Germany and offer the full suite of options for lift installations.

  • Destination Control
  • Single Elevators
  • 2 to 8 car elevator groups
  • Lift Speeds of up to 3.5M/Sec
  • Serving up to 32 landings
  • Can drive the following elevators: Hydraulic, 2 speed roped traction, VVVF
LiSA Website

Electronic Circuit Design

ECD designs and manufactures lift controllers in Sydney for lifts serving up to 15 floors, the controllers are reliable and user friendly. Working with ECD enables us to customise a controller for older lift systems which enables us to improve turnaround times on modernisations. ECD uses German manufactured Keb Drives which offer excellent reliability and ride comfort.

  • German made controllers
  • Reliable, versatile, user friendly
  • Customised controllers for older lifts
  • Up to 30 floors, 3.5m/s
ECD Website
ECD Controller with Keb drive for traction Lifts

ECD Controller with Keb drive for traction Lifts

ECD Controller for Hydraulic Lifts

ECD Controller for Hydraulic Lifts

LiSA Controller

LiSA Controller

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